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Happy beady weekend!


Ray of Light Necklace

Hello everyone out there in this beautiful world! <3

I've a new piece of jewelry, beautiful jewelry. It is the gorgeous, Egiptian looking necklace in the picture. I can't wait to get a little bit of tan and wear it!

It can be found here

New earrings pattern, in a triangular, fan like shape! :)

Finally, after taking a vacation and staying with my mum, in my home country Romania, for three weeks, I managed to finish writing a new tutorial. It's a pair of lovely earrings I made while on vacation :).

The earrings are made with 12mm rivolis, 3mm bicones and Miyuki seed beads and drop/fringe beads. I've bezeled the 12mm rivoli and then embellished it giving it a triangular, fan like shape. And I called them Fanned Away, a name I quite love. :D 


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Happy beading! :D


New bracelet pattern - click to read more

I've just finished this bracelet and love it! Isn't it lovely? I'm so happy with the clasp, can you see it? It's a Swarovski 6mm bezeled chaton. It could actually be used as a button. :) You could sew it on shirts or other items!


Hello everyone!

The Sun is up and shiny and I love it, the mighty Sun! It - or as I like to call it, he - is like my best friend: whenever I feel blue I just turn towards him, just like a sunflower, and I imediatly feel happy!

I hope you all are fine and well and in the mood to bead!  :)

Arcos par Puca beads bracelet pattern

And this is the bracelet made with the Arcos par Puca beads. I am very happy with the result, I must say. It is quite challenging to work with beads that have multiple holes, at least for me, at least for now. :)

The tutorial can be purchased here.

Arcos par Puca beads - Earrings Tutorial

I have finally got the chance to use the Arcos par Puca beads. I must say that three holes seemed a lot to me, and I hadn't really had a clue on what to do with all three of them! :-) Because not using all three of them, would have made feel a little weird... yes, I know it sound silly, but then I think I am a little silly. :D