About Me

Hello and welcome to my little website, my dear beading friends around the world!

My name is Szidonia or Sidonia, which is the same thing written in two different languages - Hungarian and Romanian. My country of birth is Romania, but I am an ethnic Hungarian. To further confuse things, I live in Italy since 2001. :)

I first started beading in 2012, totally by chance. I had never been attracted by any kind of crafts, although I had always had crafty things around me, with my mum making beautiful macrame doilies. 

I first started by making simple earrings like taking a drop bead and finding creative ways to wire wrap it and connect it to an ear wire. Then, one day, I stumbled upon some beading videos and the rest is history!

Since then I've had many projects published in beading magazines and I continue to design beautiful beadwoven jewelry!

If you want to treat your self with some free beading tutorials, just visit my Youtube channel called Sidonia's Handmade Jewelry, by copying and pasting this link into your browser search bar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7H4DLu9AuBlqyYdHw9pIoA/videos. Or just scroll down to the footer of this page - or any page on this website - and you'll find four links to four categories of jewelry video tutorials. I haven't yet added all the videos to these categories, but I'm going to, soon!

Happy beading!