Teaching License for beading teachers

Teaching License for teaching my bead weaving designs




The Teaching License is not trasferable.

This license gives you the permission to teach one of my designs.

The price of the license does not include the pattern which has to be purchased separately.

You will also have to purchase one tutorial copy per student at a bulk discount price.

The license is not limited in time, but if you will teach more classes, new patterns will have to be purchased for each new student .

BEFORE purchasing a license, please send me the informations regarding the design you'd like to teach and your name, as you would like it to appear on the license, the place you are going to teach at and the number of the students you are going to teach to. I will then prepare a custom listing with the license and the pattern, for you to download.

An example on how will the price be calculated is the following:

Price of the license + number of patterns (students) x bulk discount price.

Example: (1 license x € 25) + (10 patterns x € 4) = € 65 total price

You will have to print the license and the pattern. Please do not print or copy more copies of the pattern than you paid for.

Please note that one teaching license is meant for one beading pattern, not for all of my patterns. If you would like to teach more than one of my designs, please purchase a license for each of them.

Purchase of this Teaching License does not nullify my copyrights on my pattern. Teaching my designs online (Youtube and similar platforms) is not allowed.

For any further info, please don't hesitate to contact me through the contact form.

© Szidonia Petki